Every business story has a heart.

That’s because most leaders and innovators are driven by something more than making money. The germ of every enterprise and the design of all things new are more often ideas about how to do something of benefit to a lot of people: customers, employees, shareholders, and communities. Increasingly, business stories include a benefit to public health, the environment, or a fairer society.


My job as a business writer is to tell the story of what, how, and why my clients – and, often, their clients – gave life to a better, beneficial product or process.


In a world full of widgets and digits we sometimes lose sight of what is ultimately accomplished by innovation and leadership. But solid research and smart interviews usually find what that is and what results.


As a business storyteller, that's my job. Productive business writing brings out the heart – and helps it beat loudly.




Check out my blog, The 10,000 Solutions, to see what the hearts of companies, designers, builders, and leaders look like.

Folio, the magazine publishing organization that recognizes excellence in custom media, has twice recognized my work with “Eddie” awards. In 2017 it was for an article I wrote on cybersecurity in an automotive industry original equipment manufacturer (Harman International, for Sync magazine), and in 2015 for my story on cleaner, greener data centers (Facebook, for American Builders Quarterly). Both stories were published by my long-time client, Chicago-based Guerrero-Howe. Photo credit: Sheila Barabad 

Digital and traditional communications have to complement each together. I have worked in both worlds – and love how a well-crafted campaign seamlessly blends the two. The goal is to move audiences to your side through use of all available channels. 

Some clients just need a writer, and I'm their guy. But often, I assemble the team of web developers, graphic designers, search engine optimization (SEO) strategists, print and database experts and other marketing functions.








Russ is a consummate pro. A true renaissance man, he's become an expert on

everything under the sun. Significantly, he has the creativity and the writing

chops to transform knowledge into impactful writing.



                                                              – Michael Garcia, BrightBulb Solutions

Russ Klettke

Business Writer

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