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Lawyers and investors making solar happen – on all those big roofs you see from airplanes

The patchwork of regulation, tax incentives, utility transactions and insurance issues around commercial scale solar can be daunting. That's why a group of attorneys, Cleantech Law Partners, and financiers (through such companies as Sustainable Capital Finance), both in California, are involved in the industry. It may be complicated, but the rapid growth of renewable energy in the U.S. has some good economics going for it. And as one source in this story told me, the potential is easily seen from an airplane window: all those big empty roofs could be generating electricity that's both clean and profitable. In fact there's so much money to be made over time that investors are patient enough to wait out the three to five years needed to achieve their ROI.

As a business writer, I believe my job is to identify the meaning and impact of work. It's not always obvious or sexy, but almost every business has successful innovation to share. Contact me to discuss how to communicate your organization's story.


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Russ Klettke

Business Writer

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