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The wind is bigger in Texas

Contrary to conventional wisdom, the Lone Star State isn't just about fossil fuels. There are an estimated 80,000 water-pumping windmills there used by farmers for decades and now companies such as E.ON are building wind farms that add about 1.8 mW/turbine of clean energy to the grid.

This article looks at how a wind farm is built, which begins with finding sites that receive a reliable and strong flow of air – WPD, or wind power density. In this Kenney County farm, the high-mesa topography required a special-built road and lots of bedrock blasting. The installation employed 300 people over the six months it took to build it in 2012.

Russ Klettke is thrilled by the combination of innovative engineering, hard work and smart economics in renewable energy. He also writes on a variety of topics for clients in law, finance, real estate, food, fitness, wellness, nutrition and many other topics. Contact him to discuss your communications needs and tasks.


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