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Client experience

My career experience covers a broad range of industries, including food, financial services, law/legal services, manufacturing, health (nutrition, fitness, wellbeing), architecture and design – with a primary focus on sustainability – and real estate. At my core, I'm a curious researcher, willing to delve into the technical details and my clients' business imperatives. Every organization has its own communications style and my job is to match it – or make improvements, when warranted.


The goal is to guide enterprises toward clear communication – enabling them to tell their story as they wish. 

Michael Garcia, BrightBulb Solutions

Russ Klettke is an immensely talented and engaging writer, producing interesting and balanced feature writing as HairLoss.Com’s Health, Fitness and Nutrition writer. His obvious enthusiasm for the topics, coupled with his wit and expertise, makes these articles a joy and pleasure to read. Russ is a top-level pro, open to ideas, always reachable and perpetually a gentleman to work with. I recommend Russ personally and professionally without reservation.


Timothy Schuler, Green Building & Design

“It’s incredibly rare to find a colleague whose business savvy is matched by a keen sense of exploration and passion for the environment. Add amicability and adherence to deadlines, and you approach a portrait of the ideal writer. Russ Klettke is one such anomaly. Our magazine has benefited tremendously from Russ’s engaging style of writing, and I’ve personally been inspired by his knowledge of the world and his eagerness to make that world a better place to live, work, and play.”


Catherine Bogacz, HPI, Inc.   

I worked with Russ for seven years producing quarterly newsletters and some annual reports for Home Products International (HPI).  Our first issue was small and simple because it had been many years since HPI had a company newsletter. But it very quickly grew in popularity and expanded accordingly.  This was because Russ’ style of writing was fun, upbeat, interesting, and an easy read (we had a number of employees where English was their second language). I knew we were a success when I saw our Chicago employees reading and discussing the newsletter minutes after it was put in their mailboxes. Russ was instrumental in story suggestions, conducted all interviews, and wrote the newsletter each quarter.  I am very proud of our body of work (Home Products is now a private company and no longer has a company newsletter). I highly recommend Russ for any writing project.


Our interconnected world works well when people and businesses have a broad perspective. For example, businesses in every industry today need to think about their carbon footprint and sustainability issues -- to please customers, employees, shareholders and regulators. But quite often green initiatives fail if there aren't strong business and economic arguments to support them.  It is to your advantage when your business writer has a depth of experience that enables him or her to consider the communication from every angle.

Lisa Regan,

I had the opportunity to work with Russ during my time as the editor of a large social networking website with a health and fitness focus; Russ was one of our regular, and very best, contributing writers. As editor, Russ’s professionalism and fluid writing were a continual joy to me — he was always ready to pitch creative, thoughtful ideas that fit the brand of our site; his articles were well written and expertly sourced; he was deft at matching our site’s voice and mission; and he delivered his precise, thoroughly edited writing on time, every time — an editor’s dream. This is not to mention his openness to suggestions and specific requests. I would very strongly recommend him to anyone seeking highly professional writing.

Tom Dominguez, Harris Bank

When I met Russ, he provided “bridge” support for Harris’ internal communications needs until a full-time manager could be hired. That full-time manager turned out to be me. And over the course of the next several months, Russ was highly instrumental in ensuring the smooth transition of duties. His keen knowledge of internal communication needs meant that, over the ensuing years, I would turn to Russ to repeatedly for support on communication projects. To this day, I periodically reach out to Russ for advice on public relations projects. (Tom is now President, 145 Communications Inc.; formerly Director of Internal Communications, Harris Bank, Chicago)


Dan Garrett, Prevent Blindness America  

I have worked with Russ Klettke for a number of years as he is a dynamic and smart communications professional. He and his team worked with me (Prevent Blindness America) to create a centennial commemorative book highlighting my organization’s commitment to saving sight for 100 years. The book was nothing short of fantastic and is still being talked about a year later! In addition, Russ has done some outstanding and successful public relations media campaigns for Prevent Blindness America. (Dan is now Executive Director at Iowa Chiropractic Society) 


Amie Kesler, Green Building & Design

“Russ Klettke is a pleasure to work with. He has written for Green Building & Design and Green Business Quarterly, two industry-focused trade publications, since early 2010. His genuine love for writing and creativity always come through in every article Russ writes for us. His sense of humor and ingenuity have also made him great to work with. If you are looking for a writer to create interesting, well-thought editorial, Russ is your man.”

Russ Klettke

Business Writer

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