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Herman Miller's Design Yard rethinks the office workplace

Famous contract furniture maker Herman Miller is responding to new ways of working, in wireless offices that favor facetime as a complement to screen time. They call it the New Work Landscape, characterized by a broad flexibility that is a stark departure from 20th century design norms. The company's Design Yard facility in Holland, Michigan is the functioning example of what this landscape looks like – and how it works.

In this story I report on this revolution in office space – one that might make for better creativity and productivity, even while reducing the footprint of companies because unnecessary space is shaved off. The good news is that human interaction is valued more within the context of increasingly important communications technologies.

Russ Klettke is a nimble business writer, tackling topics as varied as sustainability, law, finance, fitness and nutrition. Contact him to discuss your communications needs.

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Russ Klettke

Business Writer

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